Test: Who will be your successor?

Recently I gave a lecture on brands, brand value and how to bring out daily the promise of a brand. Companies can be brand in themselves or can become a brand.

Brand name and brand promise

Restaurants and hotels are brands in themselves, as a guest commits to the place where he or she feels comfortable in the total experience, than the company name becomes a brand name.

In other words, when a guest talks about his favorite restaurant, then he talks automatically about the values, he or she find important, such as hospitality, warmth, cosiness, quality, attention, etc. At the same time the name of the restaurant stands for a promise. Because when a guest returns, he wants to have the same positive experience, or maybe more than that.

Product development

Many more companies, such as airlines, hospitals, (online) stores, banks and computer companies that emit a specific promise for their customers, passengers and patients, positive or less positive. And by constantly developing new products and services, they’re charging their brand promise and it gives them also a reason to stay in touch with their critical customers.

Who will take over your company?

During my lecture, with in the conference room generally CEOs and decision-makers, I asked:

“Suppose you want to step back of your position? Who will be your successor?”

If you look at your business from a distance, putting the daily business politics aside. Are you than first looking at yourself? Because you may find that your successor should look like you? Or do you want your successor to do it differently? What values and beliefs do you want to find in your successor? Do you think that he or she has to listen what customers find important? Is it important that this person share his values en beliefs for the company into the internal organization?

Familiebedrijf OgerFrom left to right: Martin Lusink, Oger Lusink, Sander Lusink. (Photo: Maarten Bezem)

Inspiring video

Watch an inspiring video of the highly successful Dutch family company Oger, known for its stores with mostly exclusive Italian men’s suits. Paterfamilias Oger Lusink talks openly with his two sons Martijn and Sander on who will take over the Oger company.

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