Client: Hotel Dunas – Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands
Case: Insufficient number of guests, low utilization of the restaurant
Tools: MYG Scan, Brandguide, Attention Training Model, development of name, logo, and restaurant introduction
Result: Fully booked hotel, busy restaurant, and motivated staff

Hotel Dunas, a charming boutique hotel with a sea view

It’s almost impressive; to create such a charming hotel and attract so few guests. The inviting open restaurant also had low attendance. Time for action.

The unique promise of Hotel Dunas

The MYG Scan revealed the pain points causing the lack of success at Hotel Dunas. While the hotel was indeed charming, its decor didn’t align with what foreign tourists expect during their vacation on a Cape Verdean island. So we made the hotel unique by emphasizing its seaside location.

Hotel Dunas and the sea

We made the sea theme central to Hotel Dunas. Various local artists were asked to create creative expressions based on this theme. We also shared the new story with various booking websites such as TripAdvisor, Trivago, and

Culinary delight in Bujarrona

The hotel’s open restaurant was only moderately used for breakfast by a few guests and remained empty throughout the day. We gave the restaurant a name: “Bujarrona,” which means the “bow” of a sailboat.

We made the menu more authentically Cape Verdean, with an emphasis on seafood dishes.

Marketing and promotion

We invited external guests to the restaurant’s grand opening through flyers. This allowed tourists to get acquainted with the hotel as well. Currently, the hotel and restaurant are bustling with visitors. The team at Hotel Dunas is proud and motivated, as they now understand what makes their hotel truly unique. It’s a great outcome and a pleasant collaboration.