Masterclass Model of Attention

Hospitality is and remains a profession where humans play a crucial role. Even if a guest were to stay in a fully automated and robotized hospitable environment, it would all have been developed by people.

Professional hospitality involves having a finely tuned sense of hospitality to provide customers with a unique sense of attention.

In studying the phenomenon of hospitality, we discovered that there is much more to it than just offering exclusive attention to successfully bind customers to a company. This study led to the development of the Model of Attention.

This model is now used internationally as an implementation model for businesses and as part of various hospitality and marketing education programs.

The Model of Attention is central in our masterclasses and guest lectures and is enthusiastically received by various educational institutions. The masterclasses offer insights that students can immediately put into practice.

Masterclass Branding

Branding is often seen by many companies as something associated with large organizations, or they think it’s merely about developing a company logo. As a result, many companies are like aimless ships on a vast ocean. If you don’t know where your company is headed, any course you set will lead you nowhere.

Branding is the soul and identity of a company. Only when that identity is clear in its full scope can steps be taken towards developing a logo or emblem. The outcome of a branding strategy is the unique promise of a company, in the eyes of its customers, compared to the competition.

It is also known as the ‘unique proposition.’ All decisions made within a company are tested against the described identity and unique proposition.

During the masterclass, the topic of branding is explored further through recognizable examples and well-known brands. It also delves into the concept of a ‘love brand.’

How do you turn a unique brand into a love brand? How do you create long-lasting customer loyalty to your company?

You can understand that when hospitality is offered through a unique experience, it becomes incredibly powerful and is recognized by customers. The branding masterclasses and guest lectures of Mind Your Guest are enthusiastically received by various educational institutions.

Masterclass Etiquette

Successful interaction with customers, guests, passengers, visitors, business partners, or colleagues relies on a respectful approach. Good manners may not be noticeable, but their absence certainly is.

Rarely will someone directly address your behavior. That may seem reassuring, but if that person doesn’t contact you again afterward, it becomes an unpleasant consequence.

The masterclass on etiquette can cover various topics, including:
Business etiquette
Dress code etiquette
Table etiquette
Royal etiquette

Imagine you receive an invitation to a dinner. What attire is appropriate? Should you bring something to thank the hosts? What are the rules at the table?

A combination masterclass can also be arranged, covering various forms of etiquette, during an etiquette lunch or dinner at a charming location. This way, you can apply what you’ve learned immediately in practice.

These masterclasses are highly sought-after, partly due to the relatable stories and anecdotes. Read more about etiquette here.

Masterclass Model of Attention