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An angry guest! What now?

There are many occasions when a guest or customer can get angry, frustrated or disappointed about. It may well be that just you’ll be faced with it, while it’s not your or your company’s fault.

Negative mood

Some time ago I advised the management of the Gambia Hotel Association. One of the questions was:

“What can you do, as a hotel employee, if an angry or frustrated guest arrives at your hotel? Because of a bad flight, the heat, or a taxi driver that ripped him off?”

Good question. Because there are quests who can put all your positive intentions of hospitality and service at a disadvantage. Simply by approaching you in a negative mood, because something has happened to him, while it is not your fault.


I told this group of managers: “You’re not responsible for the good or bad flights provided by the airlines, as well as that you’re not responsible for the temperature in the Gambia, or a taxi driver who took advantage of a disoriented guest.”

“The only thing you can do from the perspective of hospitality is to listen to your guests’ story and apologize. This will give you the chance to think about your next step, to neutralize the guests’ mood and redirect it to a more positive mood.”

Guests are just like normal people, they often want one important thing: attention. They want to be seen, to be heard en to be understood. So in this case, pay attention to his story an offer your excuse to what happened. Because you have this outstanding talent of giving hospitality. And most guests very well know that you are not to blame.

With warm regards,
Robert Bosma

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