Companies that genuinely give attention to their customers are rewarded in more ways than one. This is because passionate employees and internal processes are constantly focused on providing attention. As a result, customers spend more, stay longer, and refer new customers.

Attention begins from the heart of an organization to touch the heart of a customer.

The almost old-fashioned ROI has been replaced by ROA – Return on Attention. Today’s customers want companies to establish a connection with them.

With over 25 years of experience in successful customer interactions for companies of all sizes, big and small, Mind Your Guest is ready to take the next successful step.

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Model of Attention

Model of Attention The Customer Magnet

The power of a proven customer magnet

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What do satisfied customers say about Mind Your Guest?

“Thanks to Mind Your Guest and particularly Robert Bosma we’ve developed trainings programs on branding, marketing, hospitality from out of the Model of Attention for the management and staff of a chain of hotels.
All memebers of the Gambia Hotel Association.”

“Thanks to Robert Bosma of Mind Your Guest we have developed and opened  our brand new hotel restaurant ‘Bujarrona’. We also have more satisfied guests in our hotel. Robert has trained our staff to real hospitable professionals.”

“Robert Bosma from Mind Your Guest delivers his inspiring masterclasses on the Model of Attention to a hall full of students and teachers from all corners of Europe.
Robert also oversees the tests created by the students based on his masterclasses.
Furthermore, Robert is the driving force behind the AEHT competition ‘Strategic Thinking.’ He guides students as their brand consultant in developing their cases and ultimately evaluates the presentations of the participating students as a fellow jury member.
During our annual conferences held across Europe, he is always the engaging centerpiece.”

“Robert Bosma from Mind Your Guest provided us with valuable insights in the areas of hospitality, service, quality, and patient experience through the Model of Attention. He equipped us with the tools to place patients at the center of attention from a service-oriented team perspective.”

“In the two weeks that Robert Bosma of Mind Your Guest was with us in Bukavu, Congo he advised the owners and managers of several hotels (from 3 to 5 stars) and restaurants of the Horeca Group to be more successful.
Robert is a real match maker an a true ambassador of giving attention.”

“It was great to have you here in Chitwan, Robert. Our people really gained knowledge from you.
I have gone through your report and thanks for providing in detail depth about Sauraha.
This can be used for reference by our hotel association in Chitwan. Hope to see you soon.”

“Robert Bosma was a key note guest speaker at our International Week of the Amsterdam School of International Business at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences). Robert’s presentation was for our first year international and national students. And it was spot-on. The students very much appreciated to hear about hospitality and also to receive practical tips on how to apply this to their own (working) lifes.  Robert, we thank you again for sharing your knowledge and expertise, especially about the Model of Attention with our students and our colleagues.”

“Thank you for your guidance, amazing masterclasses and training with and about the Model of Attention.
The whole staff of the Shangri-La Hotel enjoyed your classes thoroughly.”

“Thank you very much Mr. Robert sir, for coaching and advising our management team and for the inspirational training/presentation “All attention to attention” for whole the Shangri-La staff.
Hope to meet you soon in the near future.”

“Thank you so much, Robert, for collaborating with me on developing our Brand Guide and the detailed execution of the Cartney Experience. What an amazing and successful partnership.”

“Robert Bosma has provided us with fantastic support as a brand strategist in the development of the very first interactive management tool for the healthcare teams of Zorgcirkel. His creative mind came up with solutions that we could never have imagined ourselves. Additionally, Robert is an excellent project manager. We worked hard and shared many laughs. Thank you, Robert!”

“Thank you so much, Robert, for your dedicated and professional collaboration. The Brand Guide sessions not only provided the direction we had been searching for our hotel, but personally, we have also found the right path. You are exceptional in what you do, an admirable person, and a warm friend. See you soon.”

“Thank you very much, Robert, for your professional dedication in conducting training sessions for the staff of our three Torarica hotels. We experienced a dynamic among the participants that we hadn’t seen in previous training sessions. You have a special talent for inspiring people, and the employees are now working based on the vision of the Model of Attention. See you soon for the on-the-job training.”

“Thank you so much Robert Bosma sir, for your inspiring vision and presentation about ‘Unbreakable Tourism – During and after Covid”. More than 450 participants, from several universities in the Philippines and Thailand followed your presentation online about the Model of Attention. Hope to see you soon, live on on one of our stages.”

“Thank you so much, Robert, for continuously inspiring our Excellence Program students with your masterclasses on the Model of Attention. It’s a powerful tool that clearly demonstrates how to attract and retain customers and guests for your business. I had the pleasure and honor of witnessing the presentation of your book on the Model of Attention and receiving the first copy.
The English version of the book is currently being developed, and our international students are eagerly looking forward to it.
We will see and talk to each other again soon, Robert, for your upcoming masterclasses.”

“As EuroCollege students pursue their career paths with a diploma, they have become true communication professionals, thanks in part to you, Robert. They are all strong personalities and genuine connectors who make a world of difference, also influenced by your passionate lessons on international etiquette.
I am delighted that EuroCollege has included your book on the Model of Attention in the curriculum.
Thank you for your consistently inspiring lessons.”

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