Mind Your Guest in brief

Mind Your Guest makes companies successful working closely with entrepreneurs to identify the unique brand promise of their company. From that starting point the organization will be build out successfully in hospitable communication and a high service and quality level. Outcome: more satisfied customers, more revenues and better results.

Mind Your Guest works internationally for all kind of organizations, such as: hotels, airline companies, hospitals and manufacturing industry. Besides that, founder Robert Bosma is the developer of the internationally embraced Model of Attention, witch is by companies and universities all over the world.

Robert Bosma

Robert Bosma


"There is only one boss. The customer or the guest. He or she can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending their money somewhere else." Sam Walton

Robert Bosma has many years of international experience in the field of brand strategy, marketing, communication and hospitality.

The contact between brands and their customers has always fascinated him. Within Mind Your Guest, Robert accesses companies as brands. And customers as those who whether or not buy from them.

Robert makes close relationships between organizations and there custumers, guests, visitors, patients and passengers. As result: more sales, more revenues and better results. Up on now each project has been successful with his methods.

Robert is also the developer of the internationally embraced Model of Attention, witch is successfully used in all kind of businesses, such as hotels, airline companies, hospitals and other businesses.

The Mind Your Guest team consists of a close group of entrepreneurial professionals, each with their own specialty.

The work field of Robert now extends far beyond the Dutch borders.

Robert is a much sought speaker on topics as brand experience, hospitality and etiquette. He also gives guest lectures and master classes for various (international) programs in the Netherlands and abroad.

Mr. Ellis Zeeuw van der Laan

Mr. Ellis Zeeuw van der Laan


"The fight for the interests of another people is a part of me."

Ellis is a descendant of the famous Dutch hotel family Van der Valk. She puts a lot of affinity with restaurants, hotels, entrepreneurship and hospitality. The commercial and legal aspects are her specialties. Always with a focus on people and their stories.

During her studies she worked as general manager in several companies of Van der Valk. After her studies she worked as a business consultant and lawyer for the Dutch hospitality organization Koninklijke Horeca Netherland and ANKO (hairdresser organization).

Ellis runs her successful law firm for some years. For all kinds of issues you can contact her, such as contracts, licensing and litigation.

In addition to her law practice, she regularly goes for PUM to work in various countries where she advises small and large hotels in the fields of business organization.

Walter Bakker

Walter Bakker

Associate/Marketing & Database specialist

Walter is an experienced database marketer, who has more than 20 years experience in supporting companies on issues as e-commerce and CRM.

From strategy to hands-on implementation, with proven positive effect on sales.

As an entrepreneur you can no longer ignore social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Nowadays large and small businesses use it every day to stay in contact with their audience, with their brand positioning in mind.

Walter and his team take care of complex database issues and considers each company as his guest. A collaboration that has been proven successful.

Ingrid Stevelink

Ingrid Stevelink

Associate/Financial Consultant

"What motivates me is my commitment and genuine interest in people and the company behind it."

Helping entrepreneurs to achieve their financial goals is Ingrid specialism. She advises entrepreneurs how to grow their business.

"I help business owners to translate their ambitions and dreams into goals, earnings towards success.”

Before she’d launched her successful company, Ingrid worked for more than seventeen years in various financial and advisory functions. Both at private and non-profit organisations, from (project) controller, assistant finance planner to economist.

Ingrid is analytically strong, comes quickly to the core of a problem and has a great empathy for the people behind the figures.

Because she has also knowledge of marketing and communication, she can approach statistics from multiple angles. This allows Ingrid to make connections easily between various components in a company. Because of her broad financial base she was asked to make business analysis and growth plans for several companies.

She guided various businesses into healthy financial companies. Sitting at the "kitchen table" with restaurant owners is not strange to her.

Ingrid also works as an entrepreneur coach for the Dutch organisation Qredits, where she assists entrepreneurs in business and commercial area.

Nicky Zwolsman

Nicky Zwolsman

Management Assistent

Nicky Zwolsman came in contact with Mind Your Guest during masterclasses of Robert Bosma at the TIO in Amsterdam. She was immediately interested in the mission and vision of Mind Your Guest. Particularly in the fields of brand experience, guest / customer relationships, brand loyalty and the Model of Attention.

Nicky started as trainee at Mind Your Guest, witch she completed successfuly. Now she has her Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Event Management.

Nicky would like to develop herself in customer relationship management in the hospitality industry.

At Mind Your Guest Nicky supports the management.

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