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The best PR for your company

The strength of a successful organisation is reflected by the staff who works in it. In any position.

Like or dislike?

Party conversations I often call them. You’re at a party and get into a conversation with someone you do not know. During the conversation you maybe will ask: “May I ask what kind of work you do?” Most of the times, the answer you’ll get is the purest form of PR. Positively or negatively. Because besides that someone tells you what kind of work he or she does, they also will tell you where they work. From their first reaction you’ll here if someone likes his or her job or not. And if you’ll ask further you may get to hear more about the company where this person works.

To be or not be a new customer?

The story of your interlocutor may just make you consider whether you are going te be a customer of that company, or not. Especially if you, for example, was planning to switch from internet provider or energy company.

“It’s that I have a job already, but this seems to me a fun place to work.”

 Overall atmosphere

There are professions where one can enjoy the work atmosphere directly. For example in restaurants, hotels, airplanes, hospitals and stores. The relationships of the teams and the overall atmosphere that you experience can determine the extent to which you decide whether you come back to those companies or not.

Positive vibe

The base of an optimal working environment is mainly formed by the leadership of the management or the owner who puts interests in an enthusiastic and committed team. A team that works with pleasure and passion with each other in an environment where tasks are shared bright. A team that support each other and is capable of bringing about the positive vibe on the guests, customers, passengers and patients. Where ideas from the team are welcomed by the management.

Great place to work!

As I experienced in a restaurant, where guests said to one another: “It’s that I have a job already, but this seems to me a fun place to work.” “It’s that I have a nice job already, but this seems to me a fun place to work.” Although most of the you can’t appoint it, unconscious you’ll captured by this passionate and driven team. And how is that at your company?

Do you also want to build a dedicated team who will give your company the best PR there is? Get in touch with us right away!

With warm regards,
Robert Bosma


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