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Hospitality masterclass in Italy


From each entrepreneur, anywhere in the world, I learn a lot. Currently I was in Italy with my family. For many Italy is the cradle of hospitality. During my visit to a historic town just below Perugia I got a masterclass in hospitality.

The only thing I can do is advise your son very well. Not as a sales person but as a friend.”

100% attention

A short story. My son wanted to look for new shoes. While we were looking in the window of a menswear store we were hospitably invited by the owner to take a look inside. Because there was more to see, he said. We were touched by the charms of this hospitable host. I watched the whole scenery from a distance.
What was really happening? A commercial interaction? Smart selling techniques? What I experienced was 100% attention for the customer.

As a friend

My son was quite overwhelmed by all the attention. After some time, my son said to me he wanted to look further, because this was the first store we had entered. With a hospitable smile the shop owner said to my son that it was a good idea. Because he found it most important that my son was really convinced about his purchase. The store owner told me that he saw that my son felt a bit guilty after being extensively advised by him. “But that’s how we do it here. We give every customer 100% attention. Your son is the one who finally decides whether he does or does not buy anything from me. The only thing I can do is advise him very well. Not as a sales person but as a friend.” This special masterclass was a real gift. And for you as my friend I give this masterclass story to you.

With warm regards,
Robert Bosma


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