Take control of your business with the team of Mind Your Guest

As owner or manager you know it’s also important to have control over everything that happens behind the screen. Such as legal affairs, operations and finance.

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The Mind Your Guest Team advises and assists you on legal related issues, as.:

  • contracts
  • permits
  • personnel policy

Reading contracts and applying for permits is work for specialists. Is the lease contract you have with your brewer, waterproof? What licenses do you need for a terrace or installing a marquis?

plus advice on:

  • business operations
  • finance
  • Monitoring financial policy (turnover, profit forecasts, weft kitchen, margins)

By looking in the bookkeeping we get a picture of what the critical success factors of your business are. In that way we can remove obstacles and ensure a tight financial policy.

Next steps for example can be, training for your employees in the context of, cost-conscious working and “upselling”.

The restaurants that work with Mind Your Guest achieved a sales growth up to 30 to 50 percent.

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