Why Mind Your Guest?

for reaching the new ROI: Return on Involvement

Why Mind Your Guest?

√ Your company will stand out in the market.

√ You’ll increase hospitality, service and quality

√ Your customers like to continue buying from you

What’s in it for you?

√ Higher turnover

√ More enthusiastic customers

√ Enthusiastic and driven employees

Why Mind Your Guest?

Because today’s customer is fickle and spoiled by the wide range on offers. On the other hand, customers want to get attention, being well serviced and getting overall quality.

All guests

Whether it is a customer, passenger, guest, visitor or patient, they are all guests at any company for a long or short period of time. And they are very well aware of that. That’s why they also want to be treated hospitable and service oriented.

The ‘Virgin’ effect

Several customers call the result of the collaboration with Mind Your Guest the ‘Virgin’ effect.

They are all successful or even more successful, have enthusiastic customers and know their position in the market. In addition, they have become distinctly stronger in customer contact, on service and quality level.

In short, customers like these companies they do business with.

They find the pleasant contact with these companies and the attention they receive more important than the price they pay for a product or service. Often they stay with these companies for a long time.

The new ROI: Return on Involvement

The old ROI, has long been exchanged for the new one: Return on Involvement. The identities of individuals are almost organically interwoven with the brand identity of companies and brands. If there is no click, then a company is not in the race. With the new generation of customers, this is noticeable. Young adult consumers and entrepreneurs do business with companies that make them feel good. What about your company? Is it ready for the new customer?

Branding the brand

The basis of the success of these companies lies in getting the brand identity clear. We achieve this with our Brandguide sessions. The sessions work towards various spearheads, including the ‘unique proposition’. This is the unique promise of the organisation in the eyes of its customers towards the competition. The driver that gives your company a unique identity and is implemented in all communication and throughout the entire organization. Read more about the Mind Your Guest Brandguide.

Model of Attention

From the Brandguide sessions we will start working with the Model of Attention. This will increase your organization’s customer friendliness, service and quality level. This combination works like a real customer magnet. Read more about the Model of Attention.

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