Look through the eyes of the guest

How do guests see your restaurant?

To get a good first impression of your restaurant, we carry out the

Mind Your Guest Scan. This means that mystery visitors follow the path your guests also would do. But than from a professional perspective.

They will try to find your restaurant online and read reviews. And they will also visit your website and make a reservation.

The Mind Your Guest Scan
answers questions like

  • is my restaurant easy to find on the Internet?
  • is my website understandable?
  • can guests book a table easily?
  • how is the welcoming?
  • is my menu clear?
  • is my staff hospitable?
  • has my staff enough product knowledge?

You will get a fully Mind Your Guest Scan report. The results give a good first impression of your business. The report makes clear what points need attention and what are the positives?

Which points in your restaurant deserve more attention?

You’ll find that out with the Mind Mind Your Guest Scan.

The Mind Your Guest scan works also perfectly for hotels en shops.

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Ask for the Mind Your Guest Scan

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